Clubs & Communities

Supporting students in creating strong bonds and relationships!

Fostering teamwork and leadership.

Behind every genius is a team. We're here to help you create the team!


Whether it’s through small group chats or forums with hundreds of thousands of users, we want you to connect with others!

Chat with friends

You can set up private group chats to send texts, voice-memos, GIFs, images and videos to friends.

Interact with millions

Through our forums, verified users will be able to find their community, collaborate and share their thoughts freely.


We offer the highest quality investment club network around the globe! All for free.

Independance with full support

By joining our network of clubs, you will receive full support from Invest Org. Our goal is to maximize education and minimize obstacles while giving our clubs full independence.

Going global

The Invest Org club network is the biggest investment club network in Canada and now we are taking this initiative global.

A one-of-a-kind club network

The Club Network offers existing and new investment clubs the tools to maximize education while keeping their full independence.

Personalized .com Website

Free purchased domain and fully customizeable website that showcases club staff and events.

Streamlined Resources

Access to a library of professionally-developed club meeting plans and presentations.

Club Management

Admin suite for club executives to manage members, plan events, send notifications and edit website.

Club Community

Exclusive access to a Club Community on our mobile app to centralize all activities (Chats, Events...).

Free Events & Workshops

Every month, there is at least one planned guest-speaker conference. Every member of the club network is invited.

Funding & Financial Aid

We provide clubs with funding to pay for their events, trips and complimentary Zoom licenses.

Networking Opportunities

Exclusive chance to network with students from different investment clubs in our network around the globe.

Club Representation

Each club gets represented in our club council to voice their opinions and concerns in our monthly meetings.

Want to join our club network?

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